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✿–; Hanako perked. She hadn’t expected him to say much but she stilled. Immobile her hand traveled to the brim of her hat as she kept it pulled down, so he wouldn’t see? Hanako kept her eyes downcast and clung to her purse strap with her other hand. “E-every…Everything.” Anything that caught her interest.  


          “I would like something more specific.”

The Kitsune reiterated to the wallflower, his demanding tone
a bit more prevalent this time. He didn’t like things done behind
his back especially when they were addressed and saw in front
of his eye but no knowledge of what it was. Violet hues with pupil
slits narrowed, staring right at her as if they could cut through.

          “Well? Let me see, girl.”



⊀▒【 hattered 】⊁ She helped herself to a onigiri, filled with salmon. She liked to make salmon often, knowing the nutritional value of it, plus there were so many different ways to prepare it. There were several other onigiris filled with different sorts of meats and vegatables. She didn’t know what kind of offerings to bring to the shrine so she had made quite a bit. Probably enough to feed at least four people.

                                                                                  ❝ I believe that ghosts exist… ❞

                       She’d seen several supernatural shows on television, all of which made it hard for her to go to sleep afterwards. She could never take her eyes of the screen though and she was always so paranoid during the shows. Perhaps she should start watching them with the lights on?

  She reached for another onigiri. The girl had an appetite but never seemed to gain any weight.

                                                                           She pulled out the other three boxes.

                     ❝ Salmon, tuna, beef, and pork…. ❞

                                                 Also those cute little octopus weenies that had seen in a magazine. She was obsessed with cooking and trying new things when she saw them.

                                                                               ❝ …Feel free to help yourself… ❞

          “Yes Ghosts exist, but what about Youkai? They are
          different from normal supernatural creatures I’m sure
          you might know. Not many fear them as they used to.”

The Fox shuffled down next to the human and sat down, his
flame kimono cover flowing out the back instead of folding
under his back end. It did indeed look good and the Kitsune
had no problem with nibbling here and there but the girl better
not let him have the whole thing she may not get it back.
Though she could have the veggies, he didn’t like greens.

          “Hmmm Thank you for the food.”

Reaching into a breast pocket in his Kimono he pulled out of
nowhere chops sticks. He always had a pair on him encase
he decided he want to eat. Odd thing to carry but he wasn’t
about to allow himself to eat from chopsticks from a restaurant
that might be filthy and not clean their dishes.  Taking a piece
from the beef, he took small bites off of the tender morsel.

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♕ –; “Yeah, really.” Saya gently twirled her clear umbrella in tandem with his. The stick of the contraption rested against her shoulder as she glanced up at him happily. Maroon eyes began to close as she listened to him. Raindrops coated the clear plastic of her umbrella and she glanced up at the sky. She enjoyed looking up at the sky from beneath her little haven even if sometimes water coated her arms and legs despite it’s protection.  

    “It’s a nice place to be,” ever eager to continue a conversation she commented in an agreeable manner. Miss Otonashi wondered if he too saw the beauty of her home and enjoyed the salty air of the sea that caressed the town. “I’m going for a walk,” that much was clear the announcement was unnecessary. “Want to join me?”  


Even when raining he found the place to have such beautiful
scenery, watching the sea roll and the trees move along with
the clouds. He always took a little time out of his day to watch
the nature, as he grew to notice that with development of humans
it wouldn’t be around for too long. Perhaps that’s why he hadn’t
made a permanent burrow or multiples and kept moving his
precious items in secret spots, moving them occasionally.

Though the fox didn’t enjoy the sea, watching the lulling motion
of the rolling waves soothed him. He lived on Japan’s peninsulas
for a long time, though there were things he disliked, he loved
the beauty of his new found home. Just some demons didn’t.

        “Hm, I’d love to. Saya-san, Could you introduce me to more
        beautiful views that this city can offer?”

The Kitsune seemed eager, even curious. A bit of a childish
trait that he didn’t often acknowledge since he was more known
as the mature demon of the two conquerors. Standing up now
ready to walk with the red queen in the way she wished to go.

        “Though it’s a bit damp right now, it might not be as beautiful.”


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The black fox enters quietly, sliding the door closed behind himself. He kicks off his shoes, before shuffling down the hall to the living room. Seems his intuition was correct. “Still not well, I see.” Stepping within, he lingers toward the silver fox. “I’m here to listen, if you want.”

          “— Slightly better.”

The correction came from the white Kitsune, pulling out
a soft smile for his brother. However he couldn’t make it
fade away when Tenko lingered closer and closer. He
wanted the comfort of his Brother, he missed the Kitsune’s
presence so much. This giddyness, it was a mix of relief
and yet—

          I’m terrified.”

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